NACHO ZUBELZU (Reinosa, Spain 1966)


Nacho Zubelzu’s life is marked by his passion for art and nature that comes from his fascination produced with the environment of the Valle del Campoo in Cantabria, Spain. It is nourished by his own experiences in campurrian mountains in order to interiorize the beauty of the natural elements and to depict them in a plastic way in paintings, photographs, sculptures and large format illustrations. The artist, who has never drawn a dividing line between sculpture and painting, but rather, they are branches that complement each other, uses in his pieces the repetition and variation that generate sequences that analyse ideas, sensations and feelings.


In recent years, his trips to African countries (Kenya and Gambia) and Asian countries (China and Mongolia), or to places of overflowing nature, such as the Atacama Desert in Chile, have inspired his most recent work, in which he captures the profile and imprint, the essence of nature and human beings. With his painting, he takes each character on a nomadic journey to this other world so desired. And with his "orograms" he heals the fractures of what has been forgotten, of what the passage of time has deteriorated, giving back to the object or environment that lost dignity. Another source of inspiration is the transhumance that he carries out twice a year with nomadic shepherds from Extremadura and Andalusia driving sheep and cows through the Spanish ravines, in search of the two springs.

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